13 Mar preferred coverHi there readers! I really hope you enjoy my Pony Friends Forever series as much as I have enjoyed writing it. The first book in the series is ‘Pony Palace Camp’ and was inspired by an eventful day at Lessans’ Riding Stables in 2012.

Pauline and daughterBarney was being particularly naughty that day, so I went home and wrote a story about him for my daughter. Then Biscuit and Kaz crept in to the story too, and before I knew it I had a three-character novel written. Then, just a few months later, I had written another book about ponies at Lessans’ – and the rest is pony history.

Pauline Burgess


Endorsement from Malachy Doyle acclaimed author of children’s books

A lovely little book – hopefully the first of many – about ponies and the children who ride them. It’s great fun, but it’s thoughtful and kind-hearted too. If you like horses, you’ll love this book – and if you don’t like horses, maybe you will once you’ve read it!

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Wonderful Dream is a song written and performed by Andy James to go with the book – click below to listen: