Summer Camp begins…

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Well, the first summer camp at the Pony Palace is well and truly underway. There’s been trotting, cantering, jumping, grooming, mucking out and tucking in to sausage sodas in the Nosebag cafe. Emma and Philly are leading the groups this week with lots of helping out from volunteers. There will be two more pony camps at the beginning and end of August – check or Lessans Facebook page for details. Barney is being As Good As Gold, Kaz is NOT eating too many apples and Biscuit is just Biscuit – pretty as a picture! Parsley, Skippy and Rupert from the next book in the series are there too and they’re all having a galloping good time. (Top pic is my daughter riding Skippy – Skippy by name, Skippy by nature – watch out for her in the next book ‘Pony Surprise.’)

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