Launch of Pony Surprise!

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Launch of Pony Surprise!

Thank you so much to everyone who turned out for the launch of the second book in the series; Pony Surprise. The weather was more than kind to us and we had a glorious day of face-painting, riding ‘celebrity’ ponies and feasting on Ann and Tom’s fabulous food!

Skippy, Parsley and Rupert looked like stars as they paraded around the indoor arena, loving the attention and the acclaim of being in Book 2. Of course, Barney, Kaz and Biscuit were there too, still basking in the glory of being the very first horses in the Pony Friends Forever series.

Thank you to all the staff at Lessans Riding Stables for your invaluable help on a very special day, and to all the families who turn out week after week to see the latest antics of the Lessans ponies and their little riders.

Roll on Book 3, featuring Gizmo, Daisy and Tonto. Who knows which horses might appear in Book 4? Suggestions, please ….

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